Friday, February 4, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #55

I picked up these fabrics at the same time as I got the fabrics that I showed you last week. Those seemed to be a bit more masculine and these are a bit more feminine, lots of PINK!
Again I could not get this picture to post correctly, not sure what is going on, I even took the picture the correct way. Anyway...I love the sweet fabric at the top it reminds me of a vintage bed sheet, oranges and yellows and pinks all combined together. The next one down is a very classical interlocking circle pattern with pink diamonds in between the circles. I love the simplicity of this pattern and the white background. The third down is a really subtle small pink floral on pink background. The one below that is pink background with lots of yellows and purple flowers mixed in. Finally the last one on the bottom is more of a purple/pink background, very light, with little star-shaped flowers on top. This small print would make a great quilt square or letter/number on the front of an onesie.
I like how great these look together but at the same time each one can stand on their own. These smaller prints would be great for smaller projects and the more monochromatic colorway will be great for more projects as well. I love my bold colors but sometimes you just have to have something a bit more subtle.

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