Friday, January 28, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #54

These fabrics that I found are so much fun! There are some bright colors but at the same time they more monochromatic than some of the others I have been posting.
I have no idea why I could not get this picture to be turned the correct way. The image was saved as a horizontal picture and it kept showing up as a vertical picture. GGRR Sorry you will have to turn your head or just look at them from top to bottom.
So from the top, I think that multi-colored dot fabric will be so cute as a letter applique on onesies. The second from the top is a green and blue flower pattern, subtle but I love how modern it looks. The third down is a blue background with a green dot. Wouldn't that be great for another bow tie or tie on the front or back of a onesie? The fabric on the very bottom is another colorway of fabrics I have shown you before, you saw it in the Christmas fabric post in red and white and again in orange and pink a while back. I like having it in the green and yellow colorway, could be great for a boy.

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V said...

i think my fav is the green and blue flower pattern... surprised? it's pretty!

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