Friday, January 14, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #52

I have finally decided to go back to displaying these fabric finds like I used to, one picture of the fabric in stacks and one with the fabric laid out. I noticed that the stack pictures you can often times see the colors and patterns better.
You have seen the bottom fabric before in a previous post, on the burp cloths and bow tie on the onesie. The blue and white fabric right above it looks great with it, brown background with geometric flower shapes and dots between the flowers. I also like the next fabric from the top, blue and brown again, small circles created with dots.
The second from the top (or from the right) has a bit more color in it, brown background with teals and orange. I like the different shaped flowers, sizes and shapes. The orange fabric on the top (right) has a subtle green dots in between a white dot pattern. I like the softness of this orange fabric and how it looks great with the fabric just to its left.

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