Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Presents For a Little One

This is an order for a little baby born sometime during the Christmas season and this baby's aunt wanted to get something special to celebrate his birth. She asked for a set of burp cloths and two oneies with a phrase on the front and something cute on the butt.
I have yet to do any onesies with embroidery on them OR with something sewn on the butt so I thought this would be a fun project. The burp cloths and first onesie she wanted to match the fabric I used has a fun blue bubble dot pattern on brown. It is great for a boy and looks great as a bow tie. The phrase she wanted was Gurley Man (the baby's last name), and I love the play on words as well.
She mentioned what about a bow tie for the butt and I thought it was cute and funny and went with it. I love how it looks on the butt, cute but with a little bit of humor.
Since he is coming around Christmas time for the second onesie she wanted it to say Santa's little helper and have something on the butt, we decided on an ornament. Here is one of the Christmas fabrics I showed you a few weeks ago. I think it is a cute addition to the onesie.
I think this little guy is going to look so cute in his new outfits. Now that I have done a little bit of embroidery and applique on the butt you might be seeing more of this here on the blog.

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Craig & Charlotte said...

I love the ornament on the bum! So cute. These would be perfect with leggings so you could see the cute decorations on the back

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