Friday, January 7, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #51

Here is a set of fabric that I purchased while looking for some fabric for a client. I am sure you recognize the fabric on the right from the last post on Wednesday. While picking up that fabric I found two other fabrics that I really like. The fabric on the left is another colorway of fabric that I used on this project. I didn't see this colorway back then when I purchased that green colorway. I like how bold the animals are against the brown background. The fabric in the middle was a last minute choice, it was on the cutting table at the store and I loved the way the orange and pinks were used together (again do we see a theme) so I had to get some of it.
All of these fabrics are different and I already have used the one on the right for a project you saw. I am sure that the one on the left will be used for a client or some fun projects I have in mind. The middle fabric is just so much fun that I hope a client likes it, would be great for a lot of different items.

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V said...

the animal fabric is adorable! i think i like the brown background better than the green. the shapes pop more...

i heart elephants! :)

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