Monday, January 10, 2011

Coordinating Cover and Burp Cloths

A friend of mine who found out that she was due just a bit after me asked if I could make her a cover and two burp cloths for her little one. She is waiting to find out what she is having and wanted something neutral but cute. She picked out the floral fabric and matching dot for the burp cloths. I love the way the two patterns coordinate, it almost looks like the dots came from the center of the flowers. ;)
I like the flowers on the cover, it has great neutral colors but at the same time is a bit feminine for a mom to wear. You don't have to have a cover in the color of the sex of your baby, you are the one wearing it. The burp cloths are nice and neutral and that is perfect for using while burping so that everyone doesn't confuse your boy for a girl or vise versa.


KNC said...

You are blogging already!?! We are very happy for you!!

Designer Jules said...

Don't worry these were written before baby and there are more stocked up. :)

V said...

i love that the dots look like they come from the center of the flowers... the pair looks great together! :)

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