Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Animal Boppy Cover

Here is another item in the set that I posted about on Monday. When I showed the soon-to-be mom fabrics choices for the cover and burp cloths she saw this animal fabric and wanted something made out of it but didn't know what. The baby's room is going to be jungle themed and this fabric is perfect for that. It has animals in pinks, blues, and tones of greens and yellow-orange. I said if she wanted this fabric why don't we make it into a boppy cover, so cute and practical.
This is the first time that I have made a boppy cover and actually have a boppy to try it out on. When I did so I realized that it needed a bit more fabric in the middle to fit around the middle of the boppy. It fit before I added extra fabric but was a bit tight, I had no idea and I hope that everyone else that has a cover is okay with theirs. So I added a piece of fabric in the middle of the cover, you can see that in the picture above. I think this will help it not be so snug around the boppy and allow for better usage.

I am glad to know of the changes that needed to be made to it and I hope to remember that when I make one for myself.

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Amy B. said...

Can I just say that my mind is boggled that you are sewing and blogging right now?! That said - very cute Boppy cover! :)

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