Monday, January 17, 2011

Bib for the Bjorn

I have a few baby carriers all ready to go for baby and I really wanted to get a Baby Bjorn so that if our baby wants to face out we can use it for that. Who knows which carrier we and baby will like best but we are excited to try them all out. I had been looking at the Bjorn and was going to wait until after baby arrived to buy one but I saw this green one on sale and had to get it!
I have heard that Bjorn has their own bib for the carrier that the baby can drool on and then you just take it off and pop it in the washer. They only sell terry cloth ones but not green and I thought making one out of this minky fabric would be great for softness for the baby. I had some of the same color green and thought it was perfect.
I made one of these for a friend a few years ago and still had a template all ready to go so I just cut it out and sewed it together and voila, a cute matching bib for my Baby Bjorn carrier! So excited to give this a try.

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