Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pop Art Cover

This fabric has reminded me of pop art since the first time I saw it. Those bold colors with the black and white polka dots in the flowers. This cover is for a friend from Church who has a little boy and hates the cover that she was given when she was preganant. She said she feels unattractive while wearing it. I hope that she will feel happy and attractive while wearing this one! I loved that desicription and feel that it is tottally right, you need to feel good and pretty when wearing anything, even if it is a silly breastfeeding cover.

I am happy to be making something for someone so excited about it and to see them enjoy the cover for years to come, hopefully with many more babies!

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V said...

love the pattern, so cute and fun! and i agree, you need to feel comfortable in what ever you are in but especially when you are in the vulnerable breast feeding phase!

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