Friday, February 25, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #58

Last week we had pink fabrics and this and brown. These are more fabrics I picked up a few weeks ago and I already have plans for one of them. It is always nice to find fabrics that I like that are not as bright and bold so that people who like more muted colors find something they like as well.
The brown fabric on the left with the swirls is fun and very neutral. I was drawn to it because of the neutral pallet and because of the spirals on the brown background. I think is is subtle with out being boring which is key for some women when breastfeeding. It could also make a cute apron...sort of a modern look to a retro color combination. The second fabric is great because it appears to be neutral in color but at the same time still a bit feminine because of the print. You could wear this as a cover having a boy or girl because it is not about what the baby is but about the fact that you are the one wearing it. It does do a great job of being a fun fresh pattern for any Mom but especially for a Mom of boys if she want to have more blue and less pink in her "baby gear". The third fabric is just a little mini-print that reminds me of eyes, eye shaped with a contrasting pupil. I think this will be great as a paring for an apron. Simple but can add some interest to an apron where needed, sort of like how a dot would be but even more subtle.
These fabrics are all a bit different but I sort of like how they look stacked together. I already have plans for fabric #2 so be on the look out for that.

We are enjoying a little snow shower here and I just hope our power does not go out, we have had it go off and on a few times tonight. Stay warm and enjoy the flakes!


V said...

i love the brown fabric. very nice. i think i'm drawn to anything that is circular!

jmlo said...

ps - i meant to say that i love this fabric find. all of them, but the middle guy the most!

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