Friday, March 4, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #59

When I was a little girl I had several corduroy outfits. Some were overalls and some were overall dresses. My mom made a few of the outfits and the rest were hand-me-downs and I loved them! I was thinking that when I have kids of my own I would love to dress them in my clothes or clothes that are like the ones I wore as a child. Do you notice that for really little kids styles don't change as much as they do for adults? 
I found these fabrics a few months back on sale and had to pick them up in hopes that I could make something for my baby to be. Now that we know that Baby Bee is a boy I am not sure I will be making him something from the stripe fabric. I will save that in hopes we have a girl or use it for someone else. The blue and green are fun and I can see even adding something to the overalls like an applique turtle or something like that. A pocket for sure!
Now I just have to wait to see how big Baby Bee is going to be next fall to know what size to make these. I love how narrow the wale of this corduroy is and it reminds me of a cream corduroy skirt that I bought this winter.

I am loving the warmer weather and hope that spring really does come early this year like the groundhog predicted.

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