Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blog Birthday Giveaway #2

I have been looking forward to these blog giveaways for quite some time and was so excited to have a pillow made and ready to give away but as I am learning, life with a newborn is no longer about me but about him. I now have to take care of him before myself and before my desires and having a husband with an injury makes things sometimes even more challenging. ANYWAY I did not get a chance to finish the pillow so instead of showing you finished picture of the pillow I am going to show you the fabric. Lame I know but a girls gotta do what a girl gotta do.

Here is the pattern as a whole. I know this might not be every one's cup of tea but it is so pretty in person.

Here is a close-up of the fabric to get a better idea of the colors.
The front and the back of the pillow are the same fabric, a designer fabric that I think will go well in so many rooms, but seems like it would fit best in a comfy chair or in the middle of a sofa or bed. The pillow will be 20" x 20" with a poly fill inside no zipper.

Be sure to go here to see the rules and comment to win.

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