Monday, March 14, 2011

Homemade Diaper Wipes

I bought some Birdseye diaper fabric a long time ago thinking that I would make diapers for burp cloths. It turned out not to be cost effective so I just had the fabric sitting around. When baby bee was about to arrive I realized that I had this fabric and I should use it. Since we are using cloth diapers I thought it would be fitting to use cloth wipes. I will already have to wash the diapers, why not wash wipes and save some money and the environment.
I made 20-something and that was just not enough so we went out to buy more fabric to make more wipes. I just cut them into squares and sewed two of them together with a zig-zag stitch and let them be a bit frayed on the edges. Now hopefully we have enough to use between washings.
In case you were wondering we use Flip-Bum Genius diapers that we got from Cotton Babies. We love Cotton Babies you should go check them out. Since he is so small still we can't just put him in those diapers or he would leak out of the leg hole, instead we use prefolded diapers inside and use the flips as covers. We have been using a diaper service that was a gift to us they really help fill out the covers and we have only had a few leaks. We love not having to wash the poopy diapers yet, but I am sure that day is coming soon.

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