Monday, March 28, 2011

Cute Business Card Envelope

One of the photographers that I have used had this great photo session on Saturday that was a fundraiser for a friend and new colleague of theirs. That family is adopting and Fresh Art wanted to help them raise the money. They were asking people for donations and wanted to give gift bags to those who did donate and helped make their session great. Soooo I created a coupon for those gift bags and had a great time doing it.

I made an envelope with my silhouette machine and put the coupon info inside with a business card. I made the envelope out of wallpaper samples, they are recycled!! Then stuck a sticker on the outside to keep them closed. I loved that these stickers had buttons on them. Buttons are a part of my business image.

I loved how these turned out and I might even use this envelope design for future coupons and gift cards that I will be setting up soon on my etsy site.

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