Saturday, March 26, 2011

Giveaway Winner

Well I am learning what you guys like and don't like. With only four comments that count as entries it makes me think that maybe the baby items are more desirable. I would agree that is my main business but I also love these scarves and pillows. I guess I will just have to sell those more on Etsy. I am also guessing the color or pattern of these items were not as exciting. Well thank you to those that did comment and those that didn't, I get why just wait there will be more stuff you like later.

Anyway on to the winners. Looks like two of the three of you are going to win. Using here are the winners.

The winner of the scarf is:
Rachel!! Congrats and I will email you later tonight to notify you and get more information.

The winner of the pillow is
Elisabeth!! Congrats and I did not plan you win it, it just happened how lucky are you! Sorry jmlo, but you are a guy and these are a bit girly so I am sure you are okay with it. I have no idea about algorithms but I used so you can check out what their algorithms are. :) haha


V said...

grrr! jules... i'm sorry. i've been MIA in the blog world. i will win something for sure next time! and obviously... i fancy the scarf and home goods more than the baby stuff cause i don't have a sweet little one at home!

Rachel said...

Yay! Thanks so much! I'm so excited to win the scarf, I do love it - sorry for casting my vote for baby things, I have just been knee deep in baby gear lately with friends having little bundles of joy right and left. :)

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