Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blog anniversary

Today is the second anniversary of this blog. I like to call it my blog birthday and you know what happens on birthdays, you get presents. That is right YOU get presents. I will be giving away two items this week to two special people. The two things I am giving away are two of my newest items, a scarf and a designer pillow.

I can not believe that two years have gone by so quickly and I hope to grow this little blog over the next year.

Here is how you can win.
1 leave a comment just to say hi
2 follow my blog and leave a comment with your favorite designerjules item
3 friend my facebook page and comment there under this post and comment here saying you did so
4 heart my etsy shop and comment here telling me you did so

You get one entry per task above so your name can be entered once or up to four times. More entries more chances to win. I will post the items Monday and Wednesday and you have until midnight on Friday night to enter. I will pick a winner at random from the comments to this post at the end of the week and announce the winners.

Happy blog birthday and feast of St.Joseph our family's patron Saint.


Rachel said...

Happy Feast of St. Joseph! It warmed my heart to see you include that, thanks for making my day! Congratulations on your blog anniversary! :) -Rachel

Rachel said...

I am a follower... not sure what my favorite thing is but I'd say it's definitely a baby item because I've been making lots of those myself lately! I love the animal fabric boppy cover you made a while back, though, it's adorable!

jmlo said...

happy blog birthday!! has it been 2 years? seems like longer, but what do i know.

I'm curious about your winner selection - i'd like to see your random choice algorithms ;)

Congrats on 2 blog years, and here's to many more!

Elisabeth said...

Hello and happy blogging! I can't wait to win a pillow! :)

Elisabeth said...

Wait, did my comment show up? Hi!

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