Friday, March 25, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #62

I recently heard about this new way to use an erasable pen-on fabric! These Pilot Frixion pens not only writes on paper and can be erased with the eraser that is attached but also writes on fabric and erases with the heat of an iron! How genius! It comes black, red, and blue.
This is a great new find that I am excited to use on fabric projects when I want to mark the center of an item or mark where I should sew a hem etc. I have yet to buy them but will be on the lookout for them soon. I hear they have them at Walgreen's but I am not sure if it is just Walgreen's on-line or in store as well.

PS. Don't forget to go to HERE to enter to win THIS or THIS by tonight at midnight. I will post the winners tomorrow.

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