Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TWO Blog Awards In One Week!

I have yet to receive a blog award in the two years since I have been doing this and then received two different ones in one week!!!
I received the "7 Facts Blog Award" from Cathy at Fically Chic who I talked about Here, thanks again Cathy and the "Stylish Blogger Award" from Kristina from The Happy Mother that also asks for 7 random facts about myself. Since working on projects takes longer than I would like and I have nothing craft related to show you today I thought this would be a perfect day to "accept" these awards and share. 
I still want to keep this blog mostly about crafts and my tiny business so I thought I would share 7 random CRAFT/SEWING facts with you about me. Hope this isn't too boring and if nothing else check out the pictures, some will make you laugh, or at least they make me laugh. 

Here are the rules:
~Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award
~Share seven things about yourself
~Award some recently discovered great bloggers
~Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

1) I have been asked to make all kinds of things, most of which you have seen here. One that I never had a chance to follow through on was to repair antique priest vestments at our parish Church. That is just as well because I was scared I would ruin them.
2) I learned to sew in jr high, we had a sewing class and I loved it. I chose my high school because it was the only all girl school that offered a sewing class, silly I know. I never actually took the class because I was too busy taking art classes to help me prepare for college. They got rid of the class when I was graduating and were selling the machines, so I bought one, I think it was like $100 with the table. That is what I still use today to sew everything.

3) I used to make clothes for my Barbie doll. I wasn't very good so they ended up just looking like tube dresses or tube tops or bottoms.

4) From a young age my Mom taught me how to sew buttons on clothes, from then on my Dad would ask me to sew his loose buttons on his shirts and pants. I wonder if my Mom had an ulterior motive so she didn't have to do it. Or maybe it was because he could get me to get it done faster than asking her.
5) My husband likes to wear bow ties once in a while and they are so hard to find locally under $50.00. Not a lot of stores seam to carry them so I have decided to make him some when I have time. I might even use his Dad's old ties for a vintage look.

6) Craft hoarder: that's me! I can't pass up a sale or a new craft item. My husband has warned me to stop. This business is my excuse to buy more with the hope and intention of making thing to sell or give as gifts. Note the picture below is only half of the room and the reason why my stuff is all over is because we are finishing the basement, all of this will have an organized home down there soon. I promise we don't always live like this (it is actually driving both of us crazy but we laughed because we totally look like hoarders).

7) I have a not so secret obsession with quilts and quilting. I made a quilt for a friends wedding about 6 years ago and really loved doing it and ever since then have wanted to make more. About a year after that wedding I started making a tee shirt quilt from my high school tee shirts. I want to make more quilts but won't let myself until I finish this one. All I have to do is bind it....why can't I just force myself to do it?!

I pass this along to a few of my blogging friends (I do not blame you if you don't want to accept and pass along just thought I would pass the love). :)

Check out these great blogs. :)

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