Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby Hockey Player

A small apology for not having a post on Friday or Monday. This weekend was very busy visiting with friends and family and a family crisis. I am finally settling down after the weekend with a small post for you. I have some much delayed projects I am finally working on this week plus some new orders. I hope I have something to show you soon.

While I was making some items a few weeks ago I decided that I needed to make something for our little one on the way. My husband plays hockey and I made this little onesie for our baby to wear while going to daddy's hockey games.
He/She will look so cute cheering on Dad and his team while wearing this. Not sure if anyone will see it because it is so cold in the rink but at least I will know they have it on.
Dad approved which is fun because usually he cares very little about the projects that I am working on. I like when he gets interested and of course it takes something a little personal to get him excited.

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