Monday, August 23, 2010

Part II...Boppy Cover

Here is the second item that I made for my friend's mom. She watches her cute grandson (my friend's son) and wanted a cover for the boppy that they have at their house. I found this cute turtle flannel and she liked it. I think the turtles are so cute how they are grouped together like a little family or a line of them walking.
This is the second boppy cover I have made, last time I used Velcro to make the cover accessible for the pillow and did not like how it turned out. This time I decided to try using a zipper and it was much easier than I thought and I love the way it looks!
I made these last two with flannel because that just happened to be the fabric of choice for the buyers but this next time I want to try just a standard cotton. I think it will look a bit more crisp and not as soft, a totally different look. I hope to make some more of these soon, anyone need one?!

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