Friday, August 13, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #30

This week I have a fun new find that also has to do with fabric but isn't. I just got an itouch and am excited about finding some great apps. I am more interested in the free apps at the moment but I found a few that you have to pay for that are really interesting. This might not be new to all of you but humor me because it is all new to me. ;)

First, of all there is the Fabric Stash, this allows you to catalogue all of your fabrics on your iphone that you own so that when you are out looking for fabric you can see what you already have in stock. If you are trying to buy more you can see how much you already have and be sure that what you found is the same fabric that you already have. You can also make a wish list of fabrics that you would like to have....this is the part I would enjoy the most. ;) I am always loving fabric that I can not have. The only problem that I have is that my itouch has no camera but I am sure there is a way to download the pics to my itouch to put in the program.

Second- Pattern Pal this one allows you to catalogue which patterns you have at home so when you are out you can pick up all of the notions that you might need for that pattern. A combination of Pattern Pal and Fabric Stash is the more expensive Sewing Kit which stores your fabric, patterns, notions, and measurements of people.

Third- Yardage Calc helps people like me that are not so hot at math figure out how much you need of a fabric when the width is different than the pattern is calling for. You found a 44" instead of a 45" this app will help. Similarly Fabric Calc helps figure out the same types of things but also helps you figure out which is a better priced item.

Fourth- Craft Video:Sewing has about 20 video tutorials on how to sew different clothing items. Great for a beginner sewer.

Fifth- Etsy Shop Tools, this one helps you keep track of your Etsy shop from your iphone. One day when I finally get an etsy shop set up this might be worth looking into. That way I can still do work while the hubby is using the main computer. Similar to this is Etsy Addict that you can view esty pretty easily and see your stats if you sell on etsy but it is more of an app to view what is for sale on etsy.

I found a few others that are more for knitters and quilters that I might not use but someone out there might. Easy Stitch teaches you how to embroidery, crochet or knit. Easy Quilt teaches you how to quilt, it has patterns and a lot of info like videos. Ewe Stash helps you keep track of all of the knitting yarn you have and knitting yardage calculator yelps you figure out how much yarn you need to buy for a project.

What apps do you like??

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