Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Part III- Soft Taggies

The third and final item that was delivered last week was this gender neutral taggie blanket. I love this rubber ducky flannel and thought the pop of white on the back was fun instead of the typical yellow. The ribbons that I added have blues, yellows, white and reds. I like the way they bring out all of the colors of the print. I know some little one will just love playing with this blanket.
Here is a close up shot of my new personalized tag. This is the first item that I have used it on and I love how it looks and how easy it is to attach. Cute and professional.
While on a blanket kick I put together this mini blanket with a pink and white dot flannel I had and a remnant of the white backing material. It screams girly girl with out being over the top and I love it.
I hope to have this in my "shop" as soon as I make more back stock items and get the shop figured out. Be on the look-out, or email me to buy it.

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