Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Boy Bibs

The last time I showed you some girly bibs and today I am back with some boy bibs. There were quite a few boys born this year and even a baby boy needs some color and style while he is eating or drooling. 

This first bib was for a baby that was a friend's new nephew and now the two cousins both have personalized bibs. :) How fun. I just love it when kids can match, especially for pictures.
This bib was sent out of town to a family friend's new little man. I have yet to see him besides pictures but I know (based on his parents) that he is going to be a heart breaker and will look great in his new bib.
Last but not least we have this little Louis bib. This client came over and picked out this green fabric. It almost looks like corduroy but it is a bit softer. This is only the second thing I have made with fabric like that and I actually like the way the solid texture looks with the embroidered letter. Simple and classic.

It seems as if I had a rush on bibs for a bit and now I am onto onesies. ;) Maybe they go in cycles. I love making these and I love how long babies can wear them vs the onesies that they grow out of. The next thing I might try doing something different, Holiday bibs or vinyl patterns...I just need more time in they day, but don't we all!

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