Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pinterest Challenge-Summer Edition

I missed the last Pinterest Challenge in the Spring but I am back to participate in my second summer edition put on by Young House Love . You can see my other two posts here and here.
A friend of mine just got married and I wanted to make something really cool and personal for their wedding gift. She and her husband are world travellers, having been to many different countries and even many cities in the USA and doing the long distance romance. I thought they might like something to document all of their different "romance cities." Special cities where they met, wed, and live.
Inspiration photo was found on Pinterest of course and I changed just a few thing to make it more in keeping with their wedding theme. You can find the original link to the heart image Here.
So I started out with a frame that was meant for photos and I took out the insert and put burlap in the frame. She was using a lot of burlap and lace in her wedding decor so I thought this would only be fitting.

Next I went to AAA to pick up city maps for the cities that they met, wed, and lived in. I am a AAA member and love some of the perks of being one....don't use most of the perks too often besides towing.
I cut out of the map the part that I wanted to cut the hearts from, just to have less to work with and get those big things out of the way. I created a heart by folding a piece of paper in half and then tracing half of a heat on it and cutting it. When I opened it, it was a perfect heart.
I noticed that in the original they used blue paper to back the letters of "we met" etc. I thought since the burlap was brown and the frame was brown that brown letters on a cream paper would look better. I also have no idea what their decor will be like and this is so neutral that it should go with anything. I stuck the words on the paper and then cut them out to go under the hearts. I used mod podge (it was what I had on hand) to glue down the hearts and words to the burlap in the frame. I hope that everything stays in their place.

And....here is what I came up with.

I was thinking of screen printing the letters on paper but I ended up having some stickers for them and I like the way those looked better. I wish I had known the location of their new home and where they met (not even sure if I have the correct city on that one) so that I could put a little heat in red to indicate that on the heart maps. I did make sure that the location of the Church where they were married was in the "we wed" heart.

I think in the end the couple liked it because they put it on display at the wedding reception, I gave it to them a week early so I didn't have to worry about it on the day of the wedding.

Check out the other women who put this challenge on, Katie, Sherry, Kate, and Michelle. Also go Here to check out other bloggers like me who took the challenge. Had a blast and can't wait for the fall challenge.


LARY@Inspiration Nook said...

Love this! I've seen that pin! Haven't done it yet! Love the burlap. I made some chalkboard frames for the challenge. :)

jmlo said...

this is awesome! what a good idea!!

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