Thursday, July 26, 2012

Repurposed Maternity Dress

Since I am going to be pregnant most of the hot part of the summer I thought dresses would be my answer for keeping cool. I saw this cute blog post here before I was pregnant and really wanted to make a dress like the one she made.
I already had this white tee-shirt that I wasn't wearing and thought would be perfect for the top of this dress. The material on the bottom I found on sale back before I was pregnant as well and thought it was perfect. So one night I just cut into the fabric and the tee-shirt and went to work. It turned out pretty cute but I didn't like the way it looked at the seam with the gathering so I decided to add a simple satin ribbon around the waist. The tie helps hide the belly too.

It fit really well when I made it but now that I am much larger it is too small for me to wear. I think this would also be really cute when not pregnant. So I am looking forward to wearing it in my "big stage" after baby arrives before I get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes.

The only thing that I would change when I have time is to serge the hem now that I have a serger. When I did a hem on my machine it came out a bit wavy and draws too much attention. I would also put a small slit up the back of the dress by my feet so I have more leg room to walk.

I still have a maternity skirt pattern that I would like to sew before the baby arrives but we are coming close to the more month, so I am not sure that is going to happen. Have you made any of your own maternity clothes?

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