Monday, May 14, 2012


As you noticed in my 11 Questions post on Friday I mentioned that I love sales and deals and one place that I love going to look for things I am in need of is Craigslist. Not only can you get a good deal on something that you are in need of but someone else is trying to get rid of something they can't use anymore. It is a win win for both parties and a form of recycling. I found a ton of really useful items for the craft area in the basement (as you remember from my pevious post) which helped us save money on that to put towards the flooring etc.
The other place I love to get items is Upcycle Exchange. It is a local store that takes in fabric, and other craft/vintage items. You get a credit for what you bring in to buy some items that are there. You can also just go in and buy items that you might need or just drop off if you are needing to clean out. There are a ton of vintage fabrics, papers, maps, buttons, jars, etc ready for you to take home and craft with. I have seen glitter binding, ribbon, and jewelry.

Sometimes my husband called me a hoarder and usually I tell him I disagree but then sometimes I look around at the things I save and wonder if he is right.

I think this desire to save things comes from when I was little. My parents didn't have a ton of money so they sometimes made use of the recycled things, for example I had this "doll house" when I was little. It was really just the front of a house with a porch on the second and first floor. I am guessing it was some sort of display from a store or something but I really loved it and would play with my Barbies on it. I see now that my son loves to play with boxes and things that one would not call a toy, I think that makes for a creative mind, something I hope he has one day. The ability to make anything into something useful and make anything into a toy. I think this is what really leads me to be a creative crafter or at least try my hand at all things.

When I do want to give away items that are just cluttering up the house it is great to have places to take the items that I am not using anymore. Not only Craigslist, and Upcycle Exchange but also free cycle and giving to friends.

So sorry for no pictures today. None of these sites know that I am even writing this post, it is all my personal opinon.

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Jess said...

I also "heart" craigslist. We have sold and bought many things that way (2 dryers, couch, piano, weights, kids outdoor playhouse...) I would hesitate only in buying some kids items that way. For me, cribs and car seats should always be bought new. Safety will trump saving a few dollars in some cases!

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