Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Large Taggie Blanket

A friend of mine had her second baby and wanted to make a blanket for her second child like one she got as a gift for her first child. So she asked me to help her. I think it turned out okay but I am really had on myself and hate how the embroidey turned out.
I love the color of minky fabric she picked out and she asked for navy, white, navy, and green ribbon and I really had fun picking those out from my ribbon stash. It was all going so well until I started to emboirder the name. My machine didn't let me space between names so I had to try to line them up which is SO hard. Then the fabric is so stretchy that it kept puckering. After several tries this is what came out.
Not my best but as good as I could do it at the time. NOW I finally bought the program I needed so I can do spaces and monograms. I have yet to use it but can not wait to see what I can do.

This is the largest taggie blanket that I have made to date but I have a ton of sets ready to sew and I hope to get some made before materinty leave, only 3 more months!

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