Friday, May 4, 2012

New Fabric/New Find Friday #109

Today it is time for some random fabrics that I found laying around that I don't think I have shown you yet. If you remember these lovely creatures I am sorry for posting twice. Maybe I just love them that much.
Anyway this red and white stripe I bought because I thought it would be great as a Christmas candy can fabric for some Christmas applique but now I am second guessing that. Now when I look at it I see Halloween pirate bandannas. Ha! The penguin print is so cute! My parents were cleaning out their garage and my mom found this fabric in her stash. Did I ever tell you that my mom used to make a lot of my clothes when I was little? I guess she had plans for this but it never happened. Oh how I understand that! I love it too and have no idea what I will do with it but maybe it needs to be made into some fun pajama pants for my baby boy. He and the new baby can have matching pants. Do you guys have any thoughts on what you would do with this fabric? I took the picture the other direction but the lines of penguins do go from left to right not up and down.
Here is a closer shot so you can see the colors a bit better. That green makes me think of fields of green green grass. Perfect this time of year as everything is grown and green.

I hope you guys go over and check out That's What (Che) Said and enter all of her giveaways. Cool stuff!

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WendyC said...

Ideas for penguin fabric:
Depending on how much you have, you could make a shirt for your husband or if not enough for that, it would make a really cool bowtie. Maybe you could even make a matching bowtie for your little boy so he matches Daddy for Mass. I like the jammies idea too. Or a trip to a navy blue oxford shirt or polo shirt, depending on the weight of the fabric. I love the fabric, but have only little girls over here. Whatever you choose to do, I am sure it will be fabulous!
Good luck!

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