Friday, May 25, 2012

New Fabric/New Find Friday #112

It is time for some blue and brown action! I have a few new fabrics that I just love! I sometimes feel like I keep showing you the same things over and over but really when you look at the fabrics that I have I have a whole rainbow of colors.

The one on the top is a blue fabric with brown flowers on it. I think this is a small piece but wouldn't it make a great apron? The second fabric down I just can not stop looking at. From far away it just looks like polka dots but when you look at it close up the spots are really sunbursts. There is even a little gold glitter in one of the colors. The bottom fabric will make a great breastfeeding cover! I love the greens, blue and white on the brown background. I think this could be for a mama having a boy or girl.
Can you see the sunbursts in the close up?! Nice huh?

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