Friday, May 18, 2012

New Fabric/New Find Friday #111

Who doesn't love minky fabric? It is so soft and cuddly and babies love it! I am going to pair these fabrics with some other print cottons to make either taggie blankets or small blankets. 
I picked up these two colors, the green one that will be perfect for boys and neutral blankets. The bright pink one will be great for sweet little girls. Now to find some fabrics that I have in my stash to go with them.
Don't these look so soft you could eat them? Just like cotton candy. My son loves his little blankie and I hope to make more of these for other little kiddos to enjoy.

This seemed like the longest week and I am so glad it is Friday. We have a fun weekend ahead and I hope that it doesn't go by too fast. Enjoy!

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