Wednesday, May 16, 2012

L and The Star

This set of onesies and leggings I sold on Etsy quite a while ago (can you tell by the winter leggings?). This set was purchased by the aunt of a little girl for a present if I remember correctly.
She wanted to start with the L onesie and snowflake leggings and then also wanted a set that would not be so season specific so we went with the orange and red striped leggings. I already had this set ready to go with the star on the onesie and I think that will be a nice change from the L. Not only that but maybe the next or other babies can wear this onesie with out being named an L name.
Here is a better view of the fabric I used to make the L. I like that it looks like it could be a winter snow pattern but also could just be a sweet red and white pattern for year round.

I actually have not made a onesie and legging set in a while and sort of miss it. I might have to start making some for our new baby to be. I actually will have to wait since I am not sure what we are having. It is a great set to give for baby showers or welcome home presents. Maybe I will get more orders now that we are in the "warmer" seasons.

Speaking of warmer, I am so glad the weather is finally warm. I know most people hate when it is hot but I really do love spring and summer.

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