Monday, April 15, 2013

Breastfeeding Cover-Maroon Floral

This breastfeeding cover was made from an Amy Butler fabric, and you know I love her fabric, so it was both wonderful and sad to make this item. Wonderful because her fabrics are so easy to sew, the quality is good, and I am so glad that someone will get to enjoy this fabric as much as I do. Sad because another pretty fabric that I was stashing is going away. I am proud of myself for letting this one go and I need to do this more often! I only have 5 more bins of fabric that I need to start cutting into but I they are just so pretty that I hate to do it.

I think this fabric is just so bold and lovely and fits the description "cute, free-spirited, and kinda hippie-like" that was used to help me narrow down the fabric choices to a few for the client to choose from.

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