Monday, April 22, 2013

What I Wore #17

What I Wore Sunday linkup


This was one of the best weekends and that is why I am just now getting to this Sunday post. Why was it a great weekend? It was my birthday on Friday and who doesn't enjoy having a weekend birthday; plus I got a chance to leave my house with my husband! We watched a movie (my favorite thing to do) on Friday night, went dancing (both of us love it) Saturday, and to the Botanical Garden during the day. Not only that but everyone was good at Mass and the weather was wonderful. I just wish we had been able to spend time with my family, there is always next weekend.

I can't wait to post more about it but do you see those flowers and bird bath in the background?! That is new and I am so excited about them and love going out to enjoy and water the plants. That is a big deal because normally I don't really like yard work and we haven't had plants in front of the house for 10 years now; it makes our house look so cute.

On to the outfit. It was bright out and I haven't perfected my open eyes toward the bright sun look yet. All I have to say is that I was so glad that it was going to be warmer that I had to wear a skirt but it was still a bit chilly so I made sure to put the jacket and light scarf on to help keep me warm in church. Such a comfortable outfit and the long skirt was perfect for dancing (yes I did just put on the same thing that I wore out to dancing). Yes we did contra dancing so that is why it is more of a long flowing skirt perfect for lots of swinging and turning. PS. contra dancing is a lot like square dancing and don't knock it before you try it.

Clothing Details:
Shirt: Old Navy
Jacket: Old Navy
Scarf: Ann Taylor Loft
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Vaneli (at a local shoe warehouse sale)

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