Friday, April 26, 2013

Quick Takes #13

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 198)

1. Please say a prayer for my Father-in-law. He has not been feeling well and fell today and was taken to the hospital. He has cellulitis and is on antibiotics in the hospital. Much better than we thought, which was a broken hip, but still very scary. Please say a prayer that he recovers quickly and makes it home. Also for all of the family (one member might be traveling to see him) that this just bring everyone closer together.

2. Sweet baby squirrel is getting FOUR top teeth at the same time. Yeah crazy. What is more crazy than that is that the top left tooth next to the front tooth has cut the gum first. It looks like he has a fang. haha I hate to say it but it is creepy and cute at the same time. yes I am that mom that has to show it to everyone. Even those who probably don't care to see it. You are included. Here is a picture.

creepy cute right?! Poor baby too many teeth at the same time.

3. So a skirt that you might have seen a while ago that I tried to wear with orange tights I revamped and ooopsed. Is that a word? I didn't really like the way the skirt fit and so I took in the sides (see before picture was after I took it in some) but I still didn't like how it looked so I wanted to take more in from the sides. I did that and was all excited to use my serger. While sewing along the thread was acting up and I was trying to fix it while sewing and I accidentally cut though the front of the skirt!!! AAHH I was so upset. That is what happens when you are up late sewing. So I calmed down a bit before throwing it away and realized I can totally patch it and make it look even better! I went to the local Hobby Lobby and picked out a few options for patches and went with the one below. I actually really like it and I think that it adds a little something to the skirt. Do you agree?

4. Has anyone gone Contra dancing? It is sort of like square dancing but a bit faster with more spinning. My husband and I (and a bunch of friends) used to go before we got married and a few times after and just haven't gotten a chance to go with two kids. My cousin was in town and she mentioned before she came in town that she loves to go contra dancing so I said we should go. It was a blast and now I want to be sure that we go dancing more often.

5. So speaking of how bad that outfit above is (and you know it is, even though you only got a small peek) I have been trying to work on my clothing. I don't know why but figuring out what to wear every day is part of feeling good, even when I don't have time to take a shower. I need to go through and get rid of the stuff that doesn't fit, or is too old, and figure out what I need to buy. I have a ton of nice work clothes, that I don't know if I can swing as a stay at home mom. So I need help. Not sure how that is going to happen....but let me know if you want to come over and help me sort.
6. I NEED A NEW CELL PHONE! Mine is old and I wouldn't care about that but my battery only lasts one phone call. Not good if you go out and something happens and you need to use it but oh yeah it won't work because the battery is dead. So now to figure out what kind of phone to get. iphone, windows based phone? Anyone have one that they love?

7. Finally, I had to get a new credit card because a local business got hacked and our numbers were stolen and someone in nyc was buying drugs at cvs (or maybe a bunch of makeup). Such a pain to switch that stuff out. Maybe I should try using the envelope system of budgeting and only use cash?! Ok no I know I would spend more money if I had cash to burn in my pocket. Sorry this last one was so boring...I guess I had nothing better to talk about.

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