Monday, April 1, 2013

What I Wore #15

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Happy Easter!!! The day has come and gone too quickly but man it was a great one! Beautiful weather, wonderful family, and food. This picture above is the only good picture I have of Easter, and it is actually the kids milestone pics taken at the local Target. Yeah I know, epic picture taking fail. The boys were wearing a combination of seersucker pieces that were gifted or thrifted and I pulled them together to make their outfits; the bow ties I made. You will see those on the blog here a bit later. Please follow along below as I try to show you what I and the hubby were wearing.
Can you see the picture I spliced together? Yes sad. SO you see the pink pants and shoes on the left side of this picture. I was so excited that these finally fit (and all of my spring dresses are not nursing accessible) so I went with pink pants. They scream Easter. The shoes are from my friend's wedding last year and they were perfect and didn't hurt until hour 5 of wearing them. They did get some water stains so now I need to see if I can bleach them or even dye them another colors. Any thoughts? Teal?

On the right side of the picture you see my top (well you can sort of see it). I was wearing an off white 3/4 sleeved silk blazer. It has a cute bow set off to the side on the top left shoulder. LOVE IT. I don't get to wear it much but it was perfect with the pants. The nursing tank helped the whole outfit work for me. I hope to be able to wear a dress again next year. ;)

Finally, my husband was wearing a new cream linen suit that I bought him for Christmas. He was so excited to wear it and I wish I had a picture because he looked great in it. He wore a blue and red bow tie with his blue shirt.

Finally one more shot just to prove that he was excited about hunting for eggs...after the day before he wanted nothing to do with them. ;)

It was a great Triduum full of Mass and recollection and a break from all things blogging and sewing. I hope to have more fun things for you this month of April. I start spring cleaning today!

Clothing Details:
Tank: Glamourmom
Blazer: Ann Taylor
Pants: clothing swapped and I hate to say this but from V. Secret
Shoes: Payless (from my friend's wedding last summer)
Jewelry: I think from another friend's wedding. (pearls)

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Jen said...

Oh my goodness the boys are so adorable in their suits! Happy Easter!

Mary said...

Oh.My!! Such handsome little men! I love their outfits. Love them. Happy, happy Easter to you and your sweet family!!

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