Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mr. G?

These two sets of onesies work perfectly for the leggings. Something about argyle screams business to me, probably because my dad wore argyle but the leggings mixed with the tie are perfect. Make a little baby look like a little man. The G onesie was also part of the set but the funny story behind that is that the client accidentally gave me the wrong initial! She didn't realize until she got it in the mail and I felt badly for her but she was nice enough to pay for another one. I didn't take a picture of the new onesie but I just had to post this one because I like this fabric so much. Mixes blues and greens together, my two favorite colors.
Well a quick and simple post for this Wednesday. The kiddos and I took a nice walk today and I guess that tired them out because they both crashed after lunch for a few hours. I just got to sit in silence (ok so I might have watched a little tv) it was nice.

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