Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Star Wars Onesies- Yet Another Set

Yes, yes, here they are again those star wars onesies that I keep posting. They don't look too different but I feel like I should keep posting them, If nothing else to have a record of all of the colors I have made. Here we have another pink one and a putty colored one. I love the way it looks putty looks and is very gender neutral in case that is what you are needing for baby. I have used this putty colored ink on yellow striped onesies before and still think that would be a great way to update colored onesies. I hope these star wars fans like their new onesies.

I think I only have a few more of these to show you....I am slowly wrapping up 2012 and moving on to what I made in 2013, and guess what I already made some this year! I need to come up with new titles for these posts don't I?

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