Friday, April 5, 2013

Quick Takes #12

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 198)

I typed this quick takes up last week right before I realized there would be no quick takes last week. So sorry if some of this is a week behind.

1. I saw this organizing challenge blog post that I am going to take it on as well. 30 Days of Cleaning out your house! LOVE IT. I have been on a cleaning/organizing kick since we have had the basement put back together and I can not wait to go through small parts of my house every day and get rid of/organize it. My husband will thank me and with quicker cleaning I will thank me too. I already have my list of 40 areas ready and be sure to check back in May to see how I did.

2. Speaking of this post she also talks about a fabric swap! I would be there in a second if I lived closer so maybe some local friends of mine and I need to arrange a fabric swap. How fun would that be? Pull out all of the pieces you aren't going to use and pick up something new that you know you will use. Might help my fabric hording tendencies....maybe not since nothing will actually be going away.

3. I hate you girl scout cookies you make me want to eat the whole box. All week I have walking past the cookies and most of the time I can stop myself from eating them but when I eat one it is over. I have to go back and have another and maybe another. The key is to keep them out of my house.

4. Speaking of food we saw a Dr. about Bee's staph and yeast and we have a nutritional plan of action. We started it a few weeks ago and I am already seeing results, just from giving him vitamins etc not cutting out some food that was making it worse. Now it is time to learn how to cook so we can all eat the same good and yummy food. Time to make more trips to Whole Foods.

5. Tomorrow is Easter Egg hunt time! This will be our second year going to the same park and I can't wait to get more cute pictures, this time of the two boys. Let's just hope the rain stays away. Here is a picture from last year.

6. Speaking of Easter, did I ever tell you that Easter is my favorite holiday? I might have way back a long time ago in another blog post. The reason might just be because I was born on Easter. The hope and joy of Christ's Resurrection is just so beautiful to me. I hope to help my littles love it just as much as I do.

7. humm I can't think of anything for this number seven. Hum maybe just that I would like to continue with some of my Lenten resolutions after lent. One of them being to read the daily readings from Mass. I would love to actually go to daily mass once or twice a week but I am not sure how the two littles will handle it...or how I will handle it with out backup. We do not do food at Church. We might try going on Saturday a.m. as a family also so that they are used to going more than once a week. I would love to hear if any of you have any recommendations.

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