Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Baby Showers

Did I already tell you enough how much I love spring?! I can't wait for the warmer temperatures and I have already brought my spring wardrobe up from the depths of the basement. I am all ready.
Last summer I made these two gift sets for a friend of mine for two baby showers she was attending. We worked together to create the items below.
The first set the theme was transportation. I showed her a bunch of different fabrics and she settled on the fabric with cars and trucks on it. This was made into a big taggie blanket with orange minky on the back and as accent fabric on two burp cloth. Then there was a screen printed onesie with two cars and one truck in the same bold colors found in the blanket. I used some neon here and love how the color pops off of the onesie. The year set of onesies was made with coordinating dot fabric, blue dots on brown background. The lettering is done in brown.
The theme of this gift set was cows (with a few other special items placed in the set). This set includes (from top right going counter clockwise) a breastfeeding cover, star onesie with stripe leggings, cow screen printed oneise, two black and white spotted burp cloths, a year set of onesies with black in and black and white dot fabric, and finally a cow print taggie blanket with green minky on the back.
I totally love these sets and would love to create more "Baby Shower Baskets" if anyone is wanting to give a nice set at a baby shower, holiday or birthday.

As I have said before I love coming up with custom items based on what the buyer wants and the cow and truck/car onesies I just fell in love with. Who wouldn't want a cow on a onesie and maybe it needs to say something cute on it like got milk or something. The cars/truck onesie could say something like movin'. I hope to get more taggie blankets made this spring and feature a few more here on the blog. Finally for all of those St. Louis Cardinal's fans, those red and blue leggings would be perfect with a Cardinal's onesie for those chilly nights at the game.

Thank you to my friend for her order (last year). It was so fun to create these items for you!

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Michelle {Daydream Believers} said...

How sweet! I'm expecting baby #3 (my first BOY!) this spring, so I have babies on the brain, haha. What a great gift! I'm sure the lucky mummas who received these loved them!

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