Monday, March 25, 2013

On the Vera of Spring

So spring has sprung (just wish it felt like spring) and I am happy; spring is my favorite season of the year. I went to Home Goods and ran into some beautiful items from one of my favorite home decor designers, Vera Neumann. I grew up with many Vera items; placemats, napkins, my mom's scarves and I loved them all. It was the bold color, the fun designs and now it just reminds me of home. When I saw these bright colors that would go well with my house and saw the name VERA on them I had to buy them!

Not only did I pick up the table cloth but got the matching napkins but also the placemats and two hand towels for the kitchen. Yes I know...overkill right? I LOVE IT. Our house is so small that I think having all of these matching items just helps tie everything together. Now I will have to force myself to use them instead of just looking at how pretty they are all day.  I put it on the table and love the way it looks, perfect for our house.

Anything you found this week that you just love?

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