Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Here Comes the....Baby.

This cute set was made as wedding attire for a six month old. His mom requested two onesies, you know in case there is a poopcident on the first one, and a bib. The wedding was for the mom's sister and her wedding colors were purple and black so of course this little boy had to be outfitted in the same. I love this purple fabric that I found, it is purple with no flowers, let me tell you that is hard to find. The fabric has purple and silver circles on it which I thought would just be manly enough to pull off made into ties. The silver actually has some shimer to it which screams party to me. :)
The black onesies really set this fabric off and the bib is great for when someone needs to eat but you want everyone to know that he means to be dressed up even when he eats!
I loved creating this custom order for this family and I hope that the bride loved the homage to her wedding that her sister and nephew created with his clothing.

Need something special for Easter or a special event? I think these tie or even bow tie onesies and bibs are so cute. Now time to finish up some Easter items.

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