Friday, March 8, 2013

Quick Takes #9

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 198)

1. Tomorrow a new Jo-Ann Fabrics is opening up here in town and I am going with my mother in law. She is much of a lover of fabric and sewing as I am and I think it will be fun to do this together. She will also be a distraction for the boys as I tool around the store looking at all of the pretties. Now I am going to have to fight the urge to buy more things that I don't need....we will see about that.

2. It has been really hard for me these past few weeks to get everything done that I need to and be a great mom to my kids. How do you blogging ladies do it? I mean I can get food made and diapers changed but it seems like they always want me to play with them instead of clean or do other chores. Then when everyone is in bed my hubby wants me to go to bed but that is my blog/business time. I don't mind little sleep but I don't want to upset a happy husband and have him resent me. So I am trying to do it all and if that means sometimes blog posts don't happen I am sure you guys don't mind right? My 5 readers. ;)

3. What keeps me productive while I sew at night is to listen to books on tape or the radio. I always think I can "listen" to a movie or tv show while working but then I end up stopping to really watch, waste of time. So I ordered another book on tape from the library Call the Midwife (the book that the PBS show is based on, thanks Amy for the recommendation).

4. The two teeth that I have been talking about squirrel getting for a while finally came in and they are so cute! I am so glad that he is less unhappy and can take longer naps now since he is in less pain. He still chews on everything which we are not used to since our first really never chewed on anything. I guess he is ready for solids.

5. Speaking of food we sat him at the table with us in the high chair for the first time and moved Bee to the booster seat and he loved it! He started biting right away on the sippy cup and I think was even sucking up some water. Could he really be telling us he is ready? Maybe after these last two takes I will get the picture that our baby is growing up faster than I am ready for him to.

6. So lent is almost half over and I have been half a$$ing what I have been doing it. Time to get on the ball. I opened up the USCCB's site on my ipod touch so I can start reading the daily readings while nursing. I will pop the Rosary cd in the car while we are driving around and I am for sure giving up music for lent. I am only allowing myself to listen to Catholic radio. So here it is in black and white and now it is time to really do it. More time working on my relationship with Christ so that all other relationships fall into place.

7. I hope to show you some pictures of these next week when I pry the pictures off of my husband's cell phone but almost every night we hang out in the basement with Bee and work on duplo creations. Yes us more with the duplos than our son. We love them...and so does he, but he loves to de-construct more than he likes to construct. In time. :)

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