Friday, March 8, 2013

New Fabric/New Find Friday #127

It is baby blanket time! I am in full swing of gathering together fabrics that I have to make baby blankets, taggie and just cuddly blankets. These are a few fabrics that I picked up lately that are for sure in my "make into a blanket pile." On the far left we have a standard brown minky fabric, the perfect soft backing for any blanket. The next two fabrics are a pink and white check flannel and a white with pastel colored polka dot flannel. Flannels add just enough softness without adding bulk to the blanket and are also great for burp cloths. The flannel fish on the far right is my favorite. I picked him up at our local Upcycle Exchange and I love it! I thought for sure it would work for a blanket but after opening it up it was just a small long piece. I am thinking now it would be PERFECT for a bit of design on the hood of a hooded towel I have ready to go. I will talk more about those later.

Don't you just love how much personality that little fish has?! I had to keep this fabric away from my little Bee because he would love on those little fish and never want to let this soft fabric go. I might have created a bit of a compulsive hoarder myself, it must be genetic. ;)

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Michelle said...

I read! I just don't always comment. Very few comment on my posts either. I sure get a lot of page hits, but no one is talking! Congrats on the baby teeth!

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