Friday, December 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes #1

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 198)

1 Well I would like to start blogging a bit more and this is one of the few ways I am going to kick my rear into gear. Look for more personal posts from me and check out the other side of "Jules"= faith, fashion, and photography (ahem..still learning).

2. I am really excited about doing this quick takes Friday but I have a regular Friday New Fabric/New Find Friday. I don't want to give that up because I am always buying new fabric and love to show them off. SO do I post this 7 QT's on Friday along with my other post...or even Saturday!? humm

3. Maybe I am doing this instead of cleaning or cooking because I am now a stay at home mom and wanted to do something to connect to the blogging world that I sit up and read every night while feeding baby Squirrel (our baby's nickname, not a real squirrel). Or maybe I do need adult interaction and this is my way of feeling like my adult voice is heard. Not sure.

4. I told you our basement flooded right? Well it did and we finally cleaned it up and moved everything back down there....whew. I feel like our life has been out of sorts for a long time, but it has only been since July. I hope to share pictures soon of the crazy mess we had to clean up. This is the second time I brought home a newborn to a disaster of a house. Dirty, messy, house! Well by the 1st of the year we will be CLEAN for once and put back together! Yahoo.

5. Who DIDN'T hear about Prince William and Kate expecting?! I was so excited when I heard this the other day and can not wait to hear what they are having, naming the baby, and how her pregnancy goes. Too bad she doesn't have a blog where she talks about how she is doing and posts pictures. Then again I didn't do that with my two pregnancies did I. :)

6. is here. What are we doing for advent? My husband is giving up listening to the radio while working. That is very hard for him, but I am making him listen to Christmas music when he gets home at night. I have no idea what to do yet. Any thoughts? What are you doing? I know this is broad but maybe make better use of my day. Spend less time just looking up useless stuff on the internet and add some prayer time in with the playing, cooking, sewing, feeding, walking, driving, sleeping time. Yeah adding prayer is always a good thing.

7. Wow we are to number seven already? Well I would love to post a picture but I have gone over my blogger picture limit so now I have to start resizing my images before posting them, or start paying for more memory. Ick. Maybe I should move my blog to another server? No that sounds like way too much work. I hope to have at least one picture next was just too much for me to do this time.

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Amy B said...

YAAAAYYY!! YAY! I am super excited about this! And I am super excited about baby Will+Kate. :o)

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