Monday, December 10, 2012

Mizzou Twins

A few months ago I had someone ask me to make a custom set of Mizzou onesies for a friend of theirs who is a Mizzou fan and was having twins. I am a Mizzou alumni so I was excited to create something for them.
So for their set we did the letters in black, MIZ on one and ZOU on the other. Sewn with yellow thread.
Another client wanted a set but with gold letters. So this is what their set looked like with black thread.

Both sets have these mizzou fabric paw prints on the bottom. It is hard to get the two to match but I like how they are a little bit different but from the same fabric.

I have a done some onesies with a mizzou tie on the front out of this fabric but I think it would be really fun to also put the paw print on the bottom of the onesie.

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