Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pink Lady

This breastfeeding cover was created quite a few months ago....could it have been 9 months or more? WOW! I am a bit behind on the blog posts but hope to catch up pretty quickly. This cover was ordered by a friend who just had her third baby girl. I gave her some patterns to choose from and this is what she picked.

When I look at this cover, pink with a dark damask pattern all over it, I realize that the fabric reminds me of her. She is very traditional with feminine qualities to her and this fabric feels traditional in pattern but the colors feel fresh and feminine. She has red-ish hair and I always like how redheads look with pink on. :) I hope she put this cover to good use and I was so honored that she would ask me to make one for her.

I have a ton of fabric cut and ready to go to make more nursing covers and I hope that in the next few months to make a few and finally sell them at Kangaroo Kids in town...if they will still have me.

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