Monday, December 17, 2012

Embroidery for Stockings

We are only a few weeks away from Christmas and I actually have a Christmas related project. Earlier in the summer I embroidered these six stockings for a client. We went with a smaller font because we had to fit a name between two stars on one of the blue stockings. I used the same font size for the rest of the stockings so that was the determining stocking. I used a few different colored threads, the dark blue stockings have white, the two stockings that have an aqua blue on them I used aqua and for the final two stockings I used a navy blue. The stocking colors were taken from that sweet blue and white nativity on the mantel.

Here is a closer shot of the embroidery, looking back I wish I could have made the names bigger but I think they are happy.

Then this client told a friend that I had done her stockings so I embroidered this family's stockings a month ago. She wanted the names large across the top of the stockings and we played with the font a bit until we got what she wanted. She was thinking of doing green on the red and red on the green but white thread looks much better. Stands out and unifies them.

These stockings had two layers and I had a hard time getting them to not pucker when I was sewing. I started and stopped a ton of times but couldn't get it to not pucker. I have a great machine that was expensive but it isn't as great as those really expensive machines.

One day I would love to have a fireplace and mantel to hang our stockings from, we don't have anything like that now so we have to hang them from the tv cabinet. HA I guess we could play the fireplace vhs that they used to have so that it looks like the tv is a fireplace. I also have not purchased stockings for my two kiddos and my husband uses an old stocking that we had left over at work. I need to figure out what to get. I love my crochet stocking from when I was a kid but I don't know who I would have do it. I could get more stockings like my husband but they are expensive! I do know that I want them all to match so maybe I can make my own. All I know for sure is that it will not be happening by Christmas. ;) Good thing they are too young to know any better.

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