Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Third Try At a Quilt

I have only made two quilts in my life and the second one I still haven't finished (just have to bind it). Why I just can't get it done I don't know. I bought these great animal fabrics for baby bee when he was born and I have some extra after using it where I wanted to so I decided he needs a quilt for his twin bed! He isn't in a twin bed yet which gives me some time to make it. Hopefully I finish it before he needs it. ;)

Here are all of the patterned fabrics that I am using and then I am using solid colors to coordinate. Blue, orange, brown, and green. I cut it up and used a modified pattern I found on a wonderful blog called Film in the Fridge. She has the best, most inspiring modern quilts, and I love how she plays with color and shapes.

I put them together and numbered the rows so that I can sew them together, never know what happens between first lay out and sewing. This is what the front will look like and the back will be a solid color with a few patches of these fabrics. I started sewing the rows and good thing I didn't sew the whole front together because now that we have baby squirrel I am going to take this quilt from one to two! I want them to have matching quilts to go on their new bunk beds that are going in bee's room. So in that case I need your help! I need to figure out what color "sashing" to put in between the colorful rows. It will be a solid color stripe that runs between the rows and will hopefully allow me to take half of the rows to make a second quilt.

That is where you come in, my readers...what color should I use? I was thinking, grey, or white to balance out all of the bold colors. Any thoughts? I think whatever I use for the sashing I will also use for the back of the quilt. Look at yesterday's post to see what the room looks like, that might help in making a decision. Eeek I might just have to wait until the rows are sewn and then lay them out with different colors to see what will work best. I would love to hear what you think.


jmlo said...

you've got an awful lot of green (and orange) in there - i definitely think you need to balance it a bit.

I had a white quilt growing up, it got dirty! i didn't care, but still.....

i think you could do 1 with white and 1 with grey - that way they're "personal" to the boys. or, maybe you could alternate grey and white within each. row of color, row of white, row of color, row of grey? or go crazy, and pick a turquoise, green and orange to match, and alternate those in there.....

Designer Jules said...

Yeah the orange is pretty bold in the quilt and so is the green. Humm maybe I will have to pull out some photoshop skills and see if I can figure out which I like best..grey or white.

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