Friday, December 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes #2

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 198)

1. I am sure you have heard but Pantone announced the color of the year for 2013, it is Emerald. I used to love the color green, and even my High School colors were green and white. I am excited  to add some green to my life this year. It might be an easier color for people to embrace than Tangerine Tango.

PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR 2013 - Emerald 17-5641

2. My baby squirrel (3 month old) is getting his first tooth. This makes for a cranky baby that cries himself to sleep even when being held, rocked, and shushed. I hope that this first tooth pops in pretty quickly. Baby bee got his first tooth at this same time and rumor has it that my aunt had 6 teeth by 6 months old! WOW It seems to run in the family.

3. Advent is underway and going much faster that I would like it to. I mean really is it really almost Gaudete Sunday!? I always loved the "pink candle Sunday" as a kid because it meant that Santa was almost on his way. This year it is a reminder to me to keep preparing for Christ to come in a few weeks. I have been doing very simple things this year for advent,  making the most of the time I am given each day, not yelling at my children when I am having a hard day, and doing what I can to have a meal ready when my hubby comes home (this is big for me I HATE TO COOK). ;) I am doing okay but am glad I have a few more weeks to work on these things, and to prepare my heart for Christ.

4. While cleaning my kitchen for the first time in a long time, I mean really cleaning it I remembered that I bought some Mr. Clean pads at the store a few months ago and decided to get one out. Man I should have pulled them out a while ago! They are great! I actually remember seeing on Pinterest a way to make your own?!  I am going to have to go check that out again and see what that is all about. I might have a new favorite cleaning tool.

5. While I sew sew sew to get Etsy orders out I like to watch movies. I went to the library last week and picked up a few for the week. I love old movies, romance movies, (I watch action and sci-fi with my husband) and comedies. So I picked up this movie that I thought for sure was going to be stupid and I really should have left at the library but I didn't. It was What to Expect When You are Expecting. Yes a movie based on the book. It wasn't the best movie but what I got from it was that I love my babies, I am proud of myself for getting through three pregnancies and two natural births, and I want to have more. :) I proceeded to tell my husband while he was asleep, lets have like 10 kids...his response was okay. haha

6. Went to the first Christmas party of the season last night and it was a lot of fun. I forget how great it is to gather with those that you know and love and to eat, drink and share your lives with them. Plus bee loved running around with all of the other little kiddos. That was the best, seeing him just step away from us and go, most of the time he wants us to go with him. I look forward to the next few gatherings that are coming up and hope that we all stay well so we can enjoy them.

7. Finally at seven....well this Christmas selling season as been a good one for me on Etsy. Constant orders and all of them custom. I love creating things for people that help them say "I am pregnant," "I love you," or just "I thought of you when I saw this." I am not the best gift giver but I love helping other people create presents and surprises for others. Now to finish my Christmas gifts and get everything wrapped. Only ten more days! WOW.

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