Sunday, December 9, 2012

What I Wore Sunday #1

What I Wore Sunday linkup
Well I am not always fashionable and I might wear the same thing every week to Mass on Sunday but I thought it would be fun to participate when I can in this link up. I love fashion, I don't always dress like it or have the guts or money to buy what I want, but I try. Not only that but I really feel that modesty needs to be brought back to young ladies and I love that these bloggers are trying to do that.

Here goes nothing!

It was a bit chilly and I didn't have much time to think so I put on this denim skirt which is much cuter in person, a white tank (nursing ready), and this maternity/nursing shirt that a friend of mine made me. I love it but realized after looking at this picture that it might make me look like I am still pregnant. :) Oh well. To top off the look I have my brown cowboy boots (they have bling you just can't see it), I love them with this and another white skirt I might see that in the coming months.

Necklace: The vintage pearl
Shirt: Lynn from ada b & me
Tank: glamourmama
Skirt: christa taylor (on-line store out of business)
Boots: A local outlet manufacturer 


Jiza @ The Real JZ said...

I love your shirt! I have the sewing pattern for something similar and I was determined to make it when I was pregnant with my daughter, but alas, I never did. LOL. Maybe I should make it before pregnancy #3 comes close. Or just give up and check out your friend's Etsy shop. Haha. I love your whole outfit though! And just the little bit of what I can see of your boots are fabulous!

TracyE said...

Great look AND practical, my favorite combo! :-)

Kathryn said...

That shirt is pretty darn cute. Thanks for participating!

Jess Cathofeminism said...

I do like the shirt! Proof positive that there is in fact a denim skirt out there for me, I just need to keep hunting- you make it look great! I really appreciate what FL&P is trying to accomplish with this link up also.

-Kinsi- said...

I like the sash on that shirt. Something about an ivory wrap top- makes me think of a ballerina :-)

Deme @ Fresh Coat Of Paint said...

I'm a big fan on that shirt too - beautiful!

Designer Jules said...

Thanks for all of the comments! I am excited to join the WIW club.

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